June Bridals evening party wears online

Strapless dresses are for the minority

Strapless dresses might reign supreme, but when it comes to looking amazing in every wedding photo, the style goes directly to the bottle of the pile, says wedding photographer John Warren of Warren Photography.

“Through years of experience, I can tell you that even if you’re a tiny size six, you will always hang out of it at one point or another,” he says, explaining that all the wrong movements and angles in a strapless gown can ruin p ... hotos at a higher rate than choosing a gown with sleeves . “I may not design dresses , but I photograph brides in them all day long so my biggest tip is to see a personalised designer and point out your favourite parts of your body as well as the parts you’re not so keen on and ask your dress to be designed around that.” June Bridals evening party wears online


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