JuneBridals teal and jade wears for bridesmaid

Am I a human!?!? Does any one like myself at the moment look around you. And feel stop the world I want to get off !?!? Wishing you lived away from it All and it didn't influence your life !?!? Away were you could walk..think..have someone to care and love you... Were you could live in peace get on with your life but go when if you wanted into the mayhem of life..politics..immigration. Fear what's happening to our country and people. !?!? But convenient enough to get to if y ... ou want. Not why there's computers and mobiles !??! My house I need a skip to clear garage ect. Before I can consider a mutual exchange away from middle of city. If the landlords a housing association will let me...!?!? No chance !?! Were i live city centre Coventry and completely surrounded by immigrants until I feel so isolated.. Longing before I pop of to be able to converse with my own people in my own toundgh. Were I don't feel the intruder in my own country . !!?!?! I know there re many like me out there living in the hell of those kind of situation. The only alternative you get IF consider a move or exchange because of your age is a tiny flat to be incarcerated in. Like taking an elephant to its graveyard. Taking all stimulus away from elderly who are quite capable mentally And physically. I am. Sort of gardener grow own herbs . some veg. Have garage often used as storage when I went auction s. Boot markets..to get this goods to sell on my online shops. Immigrants have taken over. I Used to get furnisher. Any thing to paint ..refurbish . cover sell on. Taken over. ?!?! Not bad seamstress made kids cloths . bridesmaid . Fancy dress . All taken over competition too much in inner city. So i get a bus to anywhere to find my way back...walk away from concrete and people the only way to clear my head and think. Just love my walking better than any medication when you have problems to think thorough. Full self pity. When many have own and medical problems ..get out me bubble and just face it. You moron of stupid old women.I say to me.. Well got that off my chest. The men in the white jackets will be here soon to collect me!?!? By. By cheerio . I am old but still have feeling and thoughts like a real human occasionally honest. And still got licence to go out in public. But to scared to when I step out my door it isn't my JuneBridals teal and jade wears for bridesmaid country anymore ... have great day every one. Rant over off my chest . don't feel any better ? xxxxxxxxx

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