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Men's Shirt Guide
ShirtTypes According To Fit
a)Classic Fit
b)Slim Fit
c)Modern/Contemporary Fit
d)Skinny Fit.
The Classic Fit – Best For Comfort
The classic fit is likely what your father and grandfather wore. It is characterized by a traditional tailoring, allowing a comfortable feel, with plenty of fabric in the sleeves and the body. It provides great mobility and features two vents on the back, usually located near the yoke.This is the go-to choice for those with a more classic style who favor comfort over fashion. affordable evening gown
If you wear your shirts with jackets, this is probably the best fit for you because it is the most comfortable. It is not the best choice for slim chaps because other styles may suit you better. However, if you have a rounder stomach, this is the most comfortable and most flattering style for you.
Slim Fit – Best For Looks If You Are Slim
Throughout history, young men have often tried to differentiate their look from their parents. At the same time, it has become socially acceptable to wear a dress shirt without a jacket, and therefore the look and fit of the shirt itself
has become more important. While a slim fit shirt is less comfortable and often more constricting in your movement, it is a lot more fashionable because it eliminates excess fabric As the name implies, this shirt fit is made for slim people, therefore please do not choose it if you have some love handles or a belly because it looks really bad, if you are not in shape.
If you are in shape and young or young at heart, and you want to wear the shirt on its own and look the part, the slim fit look is for you. The Modern/Contemporary Fit –Best over all Shirt Fit
The Modern Fit sits in between the classic and the slim fit.
This is my preferred shirt fit because I do not have to limit my range of movement, but I look slimmer than in a classic shirt. Even though I wear a jacket most of the time, I could even wear the shirt without a jacket.

Super Slim/ Extra Slim Fit Shirt
This super slim or skinny fit is mostly popular with young men who think that tighter is better.
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