beach bridesmaid dress

I can’t thank my Prom in St. Louis 2018 team enough for all the work they put in to making this day everything it needed to be. Lisa M Taylor those decorations in just a short time span were BEYOND beautiful and you got the colors just right! Jasmine Stocking Brown , I know those girls will have the perfect fit simply because of your talent in alterations. Brandee Chambers I can’t thank you enough for capturing every special moment. To Kaylan House and Chantel Wilson you both handled everything like pros! Jae Latrice , girl you were heaven sent at a 8am prayer call. I don’t think I could have gotten those dresses up without you. To Ashanti Muhammad-Pittman , your paparazzi jewelry was the talk of the town! Yashica Bryant , you brought a new idea with Starrgradz . I can’t wait to see how those students graduation ? turn out. Pashaun Dunn , even with having to work prior you kept your promise and made time for those girls. I can’t thank you enough. It meant the world to me and them. To Regina Klassy Sanders thank you for allowing us to use Selfie Salon STL . You truly demonstrated women uplifting and supporting one another. Nikki Perkins I can’t thank you enough for not only getting up extra early but helping with everything and anything that we needed. You are a blessing. To my clutch beach bridesmaid dress Erika N Wilson thank you ?? for being not only a great friend but awesome business partner. You are one in a million!