black plus wedding gown

Saturday (March 3rd). Part of our group headed out to Franki’s Masai Village for the rare opportunity of attending a Masai wedding. Michael and Dorris prepared the wedding gifts for our team to take which consisted of beans, rice, tea, sugar as well as some money. It was great that we had preordered skirts and dresses from Orupa because she had them ready for everyone to wear out to the wedding.

With everyone from our group either on safari or out at the wedding, Emily and I had time to tackle some paperwork, schedule a few more of our projects for next week, hold the newest little one (Neema Grace who you’ve seen in other posts), clean the volunteer refrigerator, do some laundry, and a few other misc chores which needed tending to. We also went into town so Ashley and I could purchase some bibles and there must have been an accident or something because the traffic was backed up quite a ways. Emily doesn’t like the red Prado since you have to put it into 4 wheel drive to get up the hills so she had David drive it up the hill for her and he was a great sport!When we got back from town, Jennifer made some popcorn for the kids afternoon movie. black plus wedding gown

After both groups arrived back home, we enjoyed hearing all about their experiences on safari and at the wedding.

Highlights of the wedding included taking photos with the bride who you’ll see bejeweled in white, observing traditional Masai dancing and eating goat on a stick which they prepared especially for us. They purchased sodas for our group which was quite a treat. They were fortunate to see a herd of giraffes crossing the road!

A few highlights of the safari included seeing the variety of wildlife in their natural habitat, watching the giraffes bend down to get a drink, participating in traditional dancing at the safari lodge; and, killing, skinning, and eating goat at the Masai village (GO Darci!). Since Darci wasn’t too tired from safari, Em was treated to an haircut!

Part 3 of our group was supposed to arrive at 8:40 pm, however, due to an inflight emergency they were diverted to Athens and were delayed several hours. We didn’t arrive back at Neema until about 2 an from picking them up at the airport. It’s good to have Tim, Trent, Nathan, and Sarah with us. It will be exciting to show you all of the activities and projects they will be working on in the next week.

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