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What am I if not coloured ❤️

The coloured message 2018:

"As a coloured my body has been covered since birth with toxic labels & negative stereotypes.
As a coloured we're labelled "skollies" & portrayed as gangsters holding guns & knives. We're judged by the way we dress kykie we can't even wear a nike cap without being labelled "a thief". Taught to change the way we speak because we'll "scare" people away so we adapted a "white accent" to be more accepted by society. They assume that we all have false teeth and a "passion gap" & mock us for not having front teeth. Labelled a "dronklap" & a "tikkop" as if every coloured is a drug addict or an alcoholic. Listen as a coloured we're programmed to believe that we're only good enough to be factory workers where our rights as workers are violated & the money is so kak that we can't even take good care of our families , working as slaves on the farms for the boere when in fact that same land belongs to us. We're forced to be workers & never dreamers. Thrown in the gutters of Cape Town , the ghetto where gunshots has become so normal , where corners are occupied by unemployed youth , where walking to the shop is a risk ,where clinics are always packed & not everyone receives the help they need , where SASSA is the only income many of us have , where school's have broken windows & not enough teachers , where respect is determined by what "nommer" you are & the police is always too late. Even the term "coloured" was a label forced upon me by the white man. They see a coloured & automatically associate us with gangs & violence when in fact that's not our identity. I used to think I should change the way I speak because I feared the label "gham" but now I embrace it. Kykie speak the way you want to , embrace your Kaapse Vlakte Afrikaans & your accent there's nothing wrong with it. Success stories can also come from the ghetto. We can also be business owners , doctors etc. Teach the youth that they are destined for greatness & not just a prison cell." blue short prom dresses
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