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This long weekend, many families drove away to nearby landmark palaces to chill out. We somehow couldn't make it. Those who went out would have enjoyed great dhaba food, besides other thrills. While we missed out on the long drive and new place to chill out, we did make more than it on the Dhaba food. Last evening we visited Dhaba By Claridges in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon (at least we did drive to another state). The ambience is typical of a Dhaba. The walls adorn all those types, ... touch spares, tough ropes, posters and what not. The seating too is on a basic table and chair, the staff is dressed in typical North Indian dresses. The food counter resembles a typical Dhaba with line up so steel vessels (Dhaba Patilas) and the back wall is lined up with Chinaware used to store pickles in earthy homes of interior Punjab. The utensils in which the food was served and the plates & glasses , all were of steel and very heavy, as one would come across in many olden days households in the interiors.

The only odds were that the place is air conditioned (can't do without it though they have seating outside too but you would miss out on Dhaba setting). The second is Chefs dress behind the counter (again it is a professional requirement).

We ordered Tawa Mutton, Dhaba regulars Butter Chicken (boneless) & Dal with Tandoori Rotis and Garlic Naan. The mains were to be followed by Dhaba Ka Meetha.

All the items when served on the table were a delight to be captured on the camera.

The Tawa Mutton was a dish of Succulent Mutton chunks done in coarsely chopped onions and tomatoes with basic spices and garnished with fresh coriander leaves. Had a tangy taste with the use of tomatoes and lemon juice while preparing. Was a great thing to start with. Butter Chicken gravy was something to die for. It immediately took you to that typical Dhaba flavours. It was smooth, not overtly tangy with tomato purée, not overtly sweet and not overtly creamy. It was a balance of all three. The chicken was soft and succulent and juicy inside. Was moderate on spices and heat. Dal was typical Dhaba style kali dal. Had that earthy flavor of slow cooking with a creamy texture and balanced spices. The rotis were soft and fresh and the garlic naan too was perfect albeit was a bit less on garlic flavour. casual informal wedding wears dressed in summer

The meal was rounded up with Dhaba Ka Meetha an ensemble of layers of ice cream , Shahi Tukra, Firni, Rabri and topped with a small gulag jamun. Had a combination of various textures and flavors. Except the high of gulag jamun sweetness, the entire dish was mildly sweet with a sprinkle of chopped pistachio. The only odd was the flavour of ghee used for frying the bread in the Shahi Tukra.

Overall a great experience, really good food and the the total bill for four was around 2500. One can go over at least couple of times more to try other things on the menu which looked quite attractive.....may be Balti Meat and others. # MagicofFlavours

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