dress in homecoming season with black color

Even if I loose
Or I die
My thoughts would be carried
With the winds that would inspire other minds
I can either choose to leave or live forever ...
But my journey will not be smooth
If I am not prepared for the fearless ride
There is nothing less than a fearless life
If you have to live life King size...

The more this happens the more we get stronger to fight against the corrupted company walas and violator industries and all those who appear for such people in court. Debaadityo was manhandled by some people of Welspun company few days back while he was visiting someone known in Mirzapur who incidentally lives near the thermal power project site of Welspun. They filed a false complaint against Debo and members of his organisation for illegally trespassing into thier property which is apparently an open forest land and robbing the security guard with a meagre amount of 3000 rs ( Debo when did you started robbing people. You should have asked me for your pocket money instead. dress in homecoming season with black color Shekhar Jain I hope Debo was not scaring people with his bhalubali dress inside the jungle ???? ) .

So guys jokes apart, but honestly speaking all those who wish to be or are presently part of the whistle blower community must be prepared to face the music since you could be implicated into false charges or had to face unfavourable consequences anytime.

For all those who are still unaware of the background:
Last December, on a petition filed by Debo, NGT quashed the Environment Clearance of the Welspun project observing that there were grave environmental violations by the company. The company had to face defeat for the second time in a review petition filed by them and lastly CM Yogi cancelled the PPA's of 7-8 power projects in UP, Welspun being one among them.

So we were already prepared that something like this would soon happen and so should you.
But do not stop to blow the whistle....

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