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No Oscars for me! Dedicated to the memory of the Oscars..as we used to know and enjoy the show!

Once upon a time, many classical stars ago, the Oscars were all about honoring Hollywood and the movies and talented actors we loved! The women of Hollywood, showed class and beauty without wearing see-through, boob popping trashy gowns! They were recognized for their talent, not their sex tape that somehow was stolen from their home and appeared on the internet!

It's become a night of borrowed jewelry, plastic surgery and designers enticing actors to wear their gowns..cheap advertising..who's wearing who or who is wearing half a gown with no lingerie underneath! The fans and home viewers are held captive to political rants, monkey chatter and actors who ironically support and applaud the likes of Roman Polanski, as the Academy honoried him with an Oscar, even though he raped a child and cowardly left the country! I am so happy that I am old enough to embrace old Hollywood, the classically trained actors, the women who knew how to be beautiful without exposing every inch of their skin, selling sex, not talent! I'm going to enjoy the memories of old Hollywood and never, ever be held captive by any Hollywood actor or have them believe that their beliefs should be mine as well. How sad that all of these shows have stooped as low as they have. As an aside..not one of the A list actors have ever gone to Washington, to convince our lawmakers to amend the 1938 child labor exemption for child actors! Yep..these adult actors work beside minors, knowing that there are no federal child labor laws to protect them and instead, applaud Roman Polanski! The Oscars..what is it really all about now? As a women, I am proud to be able to make up my own mind about issues. You won't steal that from me! Perfect night to enjoy one of the classic movies. elopement bridal gowns

15 years advocating for minors in entertainment, personally seeing the behind the scenes with the Motion Picture Association and theatrical unions, producers and industry lobbyists and how they feel about laws for children interfering with production schedules! States void of any child actor labor regulations entice production with production tax incentives! It's all about the money!

And not one of the A list, actors sitting on their assigned seats, in borrowed gowns and jewelry and penguin tuxes in those seats have tried to change the laws for the kids they work with in movies!

I've worked with Paul Petersen for 15 years, as "just a mom", a child advocate, wanting to make sure every child is protected in this industry. I have learned to see the industry through a child's eyes, through Paul. It's a shame that those applauding for Roman Polanski, the A listers, haven't asked to stand beside Paul In Washington! There is a bill on the table, Hollywood! You all know Paul...where are you? Politics belongs in DC, not during the Oscars or any entertainment show! Shameful!