greek style items to wear of the wedding

19 Simple, Elegant Wedding Dresses for the Non-Traditional Bride

Maybe the thought of spending more than one month’s pay on a wedding dress never even occurred to you; or the idea of standing in front of a mirror with two-dozen of your closest friends at Kleinfeld’s makes you break out in hives; or perhaps looking like a cake-topper while you walk down the aisle is your worst nightmare. We get it.

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Just a few short years ago, finding a simple, elegant wedding dress would have required an all-hands-on-deck manhunt and a solid amount of spare time. Nearly every dress in a storied bridal boutique has some sort of detailing to speak of: an inordinate amount of Swarovski crystals, crazy-intricate beading, or a bustle that requires half your extended family to tame. greek style items to wear of the wedding

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But if you’d rather leave all those traditional bells and whistles behind, we hear you. Because finding a pared-down wedding gown requires some digging—and we’re guessing that, you know, planning a wedding might be clogging up your calendar—we found 17 simple, but incredibly memorable wedding dresses that are anything but plain. Whether you’re looking for an unfussy gown for you beach wedding, trying to find a lace -adorned midi dress to head to city hall, or you’re going all out but still want something clean, these picks will let you feel like you.

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19 Simple, Elegant Wedding Dresses for the Non-Traditional Bride