items to wear with sleeves for the formal usage

Everyday I dress in black tights, walking/running shoes and my creative, long sleeve -- cotton-- T-shirts. I say creative because I began designing my recycled shirts so they would be attractive as well as functional. As most of us age.... we don't like to show our arms but wearing long sleeve shirts can be hot in the summer months and when we exercise or simply move around..our bodies need to breathe. My Cubbyhole shirts solved my body's breathing problem. Trust me, Cubbyho ... le Shirts make all the difference! Years ago, I developed vitiligo, loss of skin pigmentation ... which means the sun is my worst enemy and aging skin is extremely vulnerable. Almost everyday...when I wear my shirts to places like...the post office, the grocery store, walking at the river, even when I'm pumping gas... people ask me where they can buy a shirt like mine so...... I decided to patent my idea and sell a few in my online store. I'm calling them "Cubbyholes " because they are uniquely-special and one of a kind. I'll start posting them on my website this Wednesday,June 28. Hope you'll consider buying a Cubbyhole! items to wear with sleeves for the formal usage

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