lace racer back homecoming garments of chiffon in short length

Women fill up the church cause Jesus is the real Man. Where are the strong Men who will stand up to protect & provide for their Woman?? Churches gets filled up with Women every Sunday cause these Women finds solace in the presence of Jesus whom they can trust as their true protector and provider. lace racer back homecoming garments of chiffon in short length

Men you got to stand up and defend the vow you made when you said " I Do ".. The rate of domestic violence against women and divorce is very alarming. Don't real love exist in marri ... ages any longer? If you don't love your wife in the first place why did you get married to her? Whatever the reason for cheating is never enough cause you made all the decisions at first before marrying her.

As for those ladies being attractive to your eyes, look out for those qualities that makes her attractive to your eyes. Build your wife into those qualities. Improve on her dress sense, take her out to the cosmetics shop get her some good cream and nice perfumes, does she forbids fixing expensive weavons like those oroskos does? Common spend some cash on her and make her look good. She's your wife for goodness sake.

I know the ladies are smiling on this one now, but well this is the whole truth. Women should be more happy cause they make our world a beautiful place but they should be treated with respect and affection.

Be more caring and be more romantic to your wife. She deserves it and even more.

# Haveahappyhome .

** Oroskos in my term means runs babes or side chicks like they are also termed.

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