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This is a dream and revelation that may help someone who has been in transition and you are in the new place.
Dream 3-5-2018
It looks like a hospital setting and there are two girls who are there forever, it feels. It is like they have something terminal and they can never leave this place. The staff takes pity on them and wants them to go to a dance. They collect different items, pretty dresses and things and help them sneak out to have a fun time at a dance. Even if it is only temporary. It would be an easy escape because all the nurses are used to their own routine and the girls at different times would wander the halls out of boredom and are seldom paid any attention. The escape would be easy and they wouldn’t be missed. It feels like there are two girls and one of them, the diagnosis feels like it is terminal, liver problems.

I go back to sleep after a bathroom trip and dream this: I am in this big, gorgeous hotel looking building, there is marble everywhere and fancy, expensive nice feel. There is a group of people with me. We get on an elevator to go somewhere and we all mingle around in the place where the elevator takes us. Then it is time to go back to where we were, maybe like the hotel room. I get in the elevator, but don’t know how to get back. I don’t know which button to push because it isn’t floor numbers. There is one girl with me, but she sees the group we came with and she gets off my elevator and goes to the other elevator with the group who seems to know where they are going.

I am in the other elevator and I know if I leave this elevator and go with the group, they will know where to go, but I don’t. I stay in the elevator I am in and I ask a service looking woman who is standing in the elevator who works there, could you tell me how to get out of here. She points to a button and I press it and I get out of the elevator. But when I look at the floor I end up on, I don’t recognize it as being where I started. I see the water fountain, but it is in a different location, not the exact location from when I entered. Everything has the same stuff, but in different locations.

A man sees that I am not knowing what to do and he helps me. He said, “what you are looking for is in this other building. You have to go out that door and go to the other building.” I thanked him. Then Ralph and I are sitting at a round table and we have to fill out a form before we can leave this building. There is a round pen holder on the table and I see two red ink pens and a bunch of blue ink pens. I pick up the red one and then realize the form had been halfway filled out in blue, so I should finish it in blue. I put the red pen back and pick up the blue pen and I am filling out the forms for Ralph and me so we can leave this building and go to the other one. I can see the big glass doors in front of us, we are right at the place, and we can leave when I finish filling out the form.


In the middle of the night, I changed your course, in the midnight hour, I re-directed your steps. You thought you were going one way and you thought you knew how to get there, but I re-directed you in this covert place. It is a step by step direction, illuminated only in the moment of the step, for it is a covert operation and the enemy does not know a move in advance in this precious place. There is a freedom in this place, and it is a place to dance, it is a place of separation, but only for a time. When you return, healed from before, there is a greater revelation than has ever been before. There is no turning back, you have gone too far and you will not follow the crowd, you will follow your heart. The destiny awaits and it pulls you stronger than before and you cannot go back to the way things were before. The way of the place of before, as comfortable as it was and the safety net was there with the IV poles and stewards watching over every drip to ease the pain, is not in this place, it is a place of no return. You have filled out the forms and stepped out of the old and into the new and it does not discourage you. You heard the word and believed it, discouragement is from the enemy and you will not allow him an inch of you, the cost is too great to succumb to his place of stealing your joy. You know therein lies your strength, in the joy in Me, the new day begins and a new step is given and illuminated for this day. long dresses for wedding guest