mother of the bride dress

When I turned 15 yrs. old. I was truly a princess for one day. My parents rented a hall for the party, Bruno's. I had 14 girls dressed in light blue gowns w/14 guys in tux. I came out as the 15th girl in a custom made gown. We all danced the waltz, I danced with my dad. I had a 3 story birthday cake. My mom truly went all out for that party. She just pissed me off though when she wouldn't let me have my boyfriend ( Chris Murphy ) be my partner. He had bright red curly long hair. She just wanted everything to be perfect. Juan Carlos was my partner. He's a doctor today. My parents even bought me a diamond cocktail ring. It truly was a memorable birthday. I was actually a PRINCESS for one glorious day! mother of the bride dress