retro style wears for a vintage wedding

Pageant Rant #2

I don't get it...really I don't get it. Pageantry is an expensive sport. Be prepared to spend money, lots of money. Yeah there's one or two who always say I didn't spend anything and my dress is from Bloomingdales (I wanted to say Target) and I got this! Well good for you!!! For the rest of y'all out there, YOU won the title and now it's time to prepare for the state/national level competition.

I don't care who you are you need a coach! I am not talking abou ... t your sisters baby's daddy brother in laws wife's mailman either. I am talking about a coach who has experience working in the world of pageantry. There are a lot of amazing coaches out there including Jorge Esteban , Jules Meyer , Chris Franz , Shandi Susie , Wendy Szabo-Jordan , Brittney Eskew , and Tiffany Johnson just to name a few... A great coach is able to provide you with the proper support and guidance you need to be ready for any competition. Side note: not all coaches are alike.

In addition to a coach you need a wardrobe. Evening Gowns aren't cheap people! Prepare to spend money. Yeah it's true the gown isn't what makes the queen blah blah blah but honestly it's sure helps. Here is a perfect example: Dress A is from KMart and Dress B is from Mac Duggal ? While both girls look amazing which dress actually won? Also don't take people who can't be honest with you shopping. You need to take someone who isn't afraid to tell you the truth. Someone who can break it gently and not offend you. You might like the canary yellow tube style gown but is it really the right dress for this particular competition? Sometimes Klara Belle, the friendly shop owner, might not always know what's right for you and might just want to get rid of that dress because she has had it for 3 years. This is why having a coach is vital.

You also need to invest in Hair/Makeup...girl don't try and do your own H/M. Leave it to the professionals. Yes you're AMAZING and you look like Beyoncé but at the state/national level the last thing you want to worry about is your H/M. Time is everything and if your are not careful you could end up looking like Uncle Fester instead of Beyoncé. retro style wears for a vintage wedding

Plus don't forget there is an ad page(s), hotel, airfare, a fitness coach, interview coach, rehearsal space (if needed), tickets, food, a babysitter (yes I said it) and even at times backup wardrobe.

Y'all it's not cheap and let me be clear your Director isn't your ATM. They aren't there to pay for things for you. Just like any other sport you need preparation and hard work in order to capture that gold medal i.e. THE CROWN.

PS if you don't agree I am okay with it lol.

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