rustic colored garments of the wedding


Good afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen, Friends and family and Welcome to my Best man’s ... Day today and may I say it’s nice of them both to of dressed up for the Occasion...... (Pause) joking of course, But Craig did say if I do a great job today I can be best man at his next wedding as well.

I’ve been doing some research this week and they say the best man’s speech is like going down to a nudist beach, the first few minutes are always the hardest, So let’s Crack on with it.

Firstly Ladies & Gentlemen I’d like to Thank all the Bridesmaids Emma, Lisa and Louisa for doing such a wonderful job today and they are rightly outshone by our gorgeous Bride Mrs Hayley Spence, And Gentlemen I’m sure you will agree with me.... that today is a sad day for single men that another Beauty leaves the available list, and Ladies I'm sure you'll agree with me that today’s passed by without a care in the world.

Secondly I’d like to thank Craig for asking me to be his best man and can I say it’s Been an absolute pleasure for me to take on such an important role, I’ve been really looking forward to writing this speech and I know that Hayley & Craig have been dreading what I was going to say today haha .... but Every time I mentioned a Story Craig would say .... And I quote NO YOU CANT MENTION THAT IT’S Inappropriate or it will get me into Trouble .... This has made it Harder for me to write, as all my stories are about Nights out and Lots of Mixing of Drinks. rustic colored garments of the wedding
Time was running out and I had to write my speech so I won’t tell any stories that will end up with a slap on the wrist haha ....

I First met Craig about 9 yrs ago at the Gym in Conwy ..... yes we Kept in shape back then and I was always the Round one...
Craig was the Dedicated one, always telling me to train harder - it’s a damn shame that you can’t lose weight by talking because I’d be super skinny by now ..... We had some awesome times on our nights out and always returned via the Kebab shop which we named Jonny’s fridge, we basically lived there.... then home to my flat and erecting the ironing board to eat out pizzas and kebabs off.

I thought Craig would stay a bachelor just like me as he spent 99% of time looking after his little baby .... yes his car (Celica ST205) forever polishing it and taking very good care of it until the worst day of his life Happened ....
I Received a phone call with a tearful Craig on the other end ..... really upset telling me he’d had an accident with his baby ........ I felt my heart sink, yep his car was a write off - I thought poor Craig but at least he has a woman now to look after him through those hard times haha .....

We have had so many funny memories of the past times not forgetting sharing our passion of fishing, but Craig got too good at it, so I stopped going .... Well I could go on and on telling you stories of the 9+ years we’ve known each other .... but, I have one last thing I have to say - Craig has been there for me in my difficult times and that is what I call a good mate ..... So I’d like to thank him for choosing me as his best man and for being a fantastic mate.

I’d like to end this speech with a short Video .... The life & Times of Craig Moo ..... ladies and Gentlemen please Enjoy.

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