sexy style prom dress

A slay queen is a girl with brains & not the one with heavy make up on. She is not the one who seeks for attention on social media.
She is a girl with a skill...
She is the girl who respects her relationship or marriage. She is never heard but seen . You know her from what she does and not what she says.
She is not the most expensively dressed but she is the most decently dressed. A slay queen respects the sanity of womanhood. She carries
herself with much dignity.
Having so many likes on your pictures doesnt make you a slay queen, wearing heavy makeups doesn't make you a slay queen, looking like a flower girl, a dog or a polio victim doesn't make you a slay queen either. Most of these so called Snapchat/IG girls are empty inside.
They keep on regretting a lot about their past but pretend to be happy outside their home.
Stop boasting about the number of men that want you, stop boasting about the number of likes/ reactions you get on your pictures, stop
boasting about the number of followers you have on IG, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat,Whatsapp etc. Remember that cheap articles or goods always have more buyers. Build yourself into the woman that people will always respect and admire.
Never follow the crowd but be yourself. Be bold but humble,Simple and Wise in reasoning, be hard working, respect your relationship or marriage, be ambitious but contented, dont make men your priority in life but build yourself into the woman that men will always want to take home to their mama , not the one they only want to take to hotels and clubs. sexy style prom dress
Don't allow the number of likes, reactions and followers on your social media platform validate your existence.
Trust me, if you just trap a man with your body or looks, he will go one day to someone better....99% of pretty girls are full of pride...your beauty doesnt guarantee your marriage or better relationship because more pretty girls are all over different churches fasting for husbands.
Let men fall for your Personality and Lifestyle not Your Desperation for cash cos the 100% result is for you to be definitely used and dumped for another player to use you

NOTE: I'm not saying being trendy is trashy, but do you also slay in your brains? Did your boobs get you grades or your brains? Having a
selling point is good, but let that selling point be that which can never go out of fashion. Let it be something that will always attract the right
kind of people with corresponding attitudes to you....Remember as the world keep advancing so as Men are becoming wiser...
They keep using those that fits being used and getting married to those that fits marriage
»»Keep on slaying««