short mini style collections for a cocktail party

This is biggest scam never seen before what ever who the one pay hight price then win that all cheap Crow $ 25.00 you can buy it by Amazon fee entry $1500.00 plus photoshoot hair.make up not included wardrobe purchase by them cheap design and cost up to $9000.00 per dress .is it rediculous. No certificate by entertainment industry board just by scam small business .they treat women bad during Pageant . You must walk on runways 7 hours per days rehearsal 3.days before then clo ... se the show they chance technical and said new style OMG must take new stupid technical no school or model Agency training. Direct and her staff very lowest lass personal. But said they are Doctors no certificate where they work and what kind Board Doctors .try teaching women all the words by lowlass technical. Some women attend Pageant pay all most over $10.000.00 and buy small Crow cost $25.00 with all promised lift up individual famous entertainment industry. Believed? ?, Mrs USA .5.3 feet and ugly face and win under quality model and entertainment required. They try take advantage of talent want be famously with big scam cheating women of the Words by financial. You pay hight price then win low cost sage and fake Crow low cost if you don.t want pay hight price then model fee for them during runway .they sell tickets out door and chart to you that all .They know women want ad them to the public make them famous but they don.t know if want famous must have experience and been training by certified Agency or top model actor school and must qualify masurement of Model industry required. Not easy they so honestly don.t know bad scam person waiting them try take advantage of talent with all money they have .I will report it to the Better Business Bureau and Security Exchange Government let they investigation what is the hail of those business short mini style collections for a cocktail party

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