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Miss Wigan & Northwest Beauty 2018 GRAND FINALS!

The grand finals will take place on 12&13th May 2018 at Pemberton Masonic Hall, Wigan.
Were we will be crowning 14 new title holders! Along with other awards on the night too!
In each Age Section we are crowning,
Northwest Beauty/Handsome- which is the highest scoring contestant out of the Age Section.
Wigan Beauty/Handsome - which is the second highest scoring contestant out of the Age Section.

Age Sections are as followed,
Little Miss Wigan/ Northwest Beauty - 1-3 years
Mini Miss Wigan/Northwest Beauty - 4-6 years
Junior Miss Wigan/ Northwest Beauty- 7-9 years
Preteen Miss Wigan/ Northwest Beauty - 10-12 years
Miss Teen Wigan/Northwest Beauty -13-17 years
Miss Wigan/Northwest Beauty -18 plus
Mr Wigan/ Northwest Handsome - open to all ages, will be split if enough contestants.

2 day final,
12th May-
11 am, Registration for JUNIOR MISS and above.
11-1 pm - Rehearsals with myself. Onstage and offstage practice.
1-2pm - Lunch
2-5 pm - Interviews will begin. Whilst interviews are taking place Training Session with Beauty Queens will commence. (LITTLE MISS &a MINI MISS can come from this point if they wish)
5-6 pm- Feel free to leave and come back or get changed.
6-8.30 pm- PJ Party- a chance for all the contestants to meet and get to know each other. Open to all contestants.

13th May -
11am - Registration for all contestants.
11-1 pm- Full onstage Rehearsals, opening number will be learnt.
1-2 pm - Lunch
1pm - Hair & Make up will begin.
2-4 - Chance to get ready, Last onstage rehearsals will held.
4.00pm - Age Section Photo shoot with current queens. Everyone must be ready!
4.30 pm - Doors open
5.00 pm - Show starts

Opening Round -
Girls - Pink/ Purple Tshirt and Jeans - Optional for Official Tshirt this can be worn.
Boys - Red / Blue Tshirt and Jeans - Optional for Official Tshirt- this can be worn.
Fashion Wear - this can be anything from, what you would wear to a party, high low, cocktail dress, casual clothing for boys etc. All outfits MUST be age appropriate!
All about me Wear- New round for 2018! Time to express your personality. You can make your Wear or wear something that represents you. Whilst you are walking the host will then describe your outfit.
Evening/ Formal Wear-
Girls - Little Miss and Mini Miss - 3/4 length dress or Full length dress.
Junior and above - Floor Length Dress.
Boys - Formal Wear
Please think elegance in this round.

On Day 1 - Interview for Junior and Above.
This is a 2 minute chat with the judges so they have the chance to get to know you better, nothing to worry about.
Wear something smart, but also something you are comfortable in.

Appearances & Charity Work.

Appearances are something that you must make. Each appearance you make is 1/2 a point. Maximum points you can gain is 10 points and that's 20' appearances. But don't stop there, you could be in with a chance of winning Miss Wigan / Northwest Beauty Publicity 2018-19! This is for the contestant that makes the most appearances!

An appearance is anywhere you go in public wearing your sash. Examples of appearances are,

Attending a pageant, helping or supporting.
Donating to a local charity shop, food bank, book cycle etc.
Attending a public or community event- fun day, something that the town hosts etc.
At your own charity event.
At someone else's charity event.
Quiz nights.
If your unsure then just give me a message.

Charity work.
This year we are proudly supporting 2 amazing charities and 2 very local charities.
Miss Wigan Beauty chosen charity is Wigan and Leigh Hospice
Miss Northwest Beauty chosen charity is The UK Sepsis Trust in Memory of a local girl - Jemma Louise.

The minimum fundraising for the charities is £20 per charity. However if you manage to raise £50 or more for a charity. You manage to get a medal and 1 extra point on your scoring cards per charity. If you manage to raise £100 or more for a charity. You manage to get a medal and trophy and 2 extra points on your scoring card per charity. spring cocktail gown

The full entry fee to cover the 2 day finals, and each contestant will leave with,
Crown, certificate, medal and gift pack is £40.
A £20 deposit can be placed to secure your place and you will receive a finalist sash within 2 weeks.
Payment plans are available!
All payments are non refundable.

Many thanks
Miss Wigan / Northwest Beauty Team!