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"Priests and Laurels of the Houston Region,

The Woodlands Stake is excited to host Simply Prom 2018 "As You Wish" for you to experience a fun, safe, and magical night with friends!

Simply Prom is on Saturday, April 21 (more details on attached flyer)
There will be a LIMIT of 650 tickets. Based upon last year's attendance, it is expected to sell out.
Ticket sales will OPEN March 17 and END April 9. Start making plans now!
Cost: $25/ Ticket
Dates are encouraged, but all youth age 16+ are invited to participate
Dress/ Behavioral Standards: Young men must wear suits and ties. Young women must have dresses that cover the shoulders, back, chest, and midriff, and are knee length or longer. Sheer/ lace fabrics must have a solid fabric underneath. Everyone should avoid tight or revealing clothing. If a shrug is needed to meet these guidelines, it must be worn at all times. If anyone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they will not be allowed to participate. These standards will be enforced. Shop wisely! wedding party dresses
Best Advice for Dress Selection: "If in doubt, don't." Laurels, you are beautiful and you deserve to have a beautiful night! Tugging, shifting, pulling, and tucking to meet the dress standards can be exhausting. If you follow this counsel when selecting a dress, you will not only be beautiful but will also feel confident and beautiful all evening long!

FURTHER QUESTIONS regarding Simply Prom can be submitted on our website at http://www.

Don't miss out on the fun! Mark your calendars today!

The Woodland Stake Youth Leadership"